If a Daisy Card is in play that lets you move an opponent’s piece one legal move, can you move that piece over a Poop and make that player take a Poop Card?

Yes you can!

Does the Cow poop every time it moves?

No, only when a 1 is rolled and the player moves the Cow to any open square on the board.  When the Cow is moved as part of any roll other than a 1, it moves just like a Hay Bale and does not Poop. 

If the last Chickapig goes through the goal and moves over a Poop, what happens?

Read the Poop Card at the end of the turn.  If the Poop Card states “Take a Chickapig out of the pen” then they didn’t win the game.  If it is any other Poop Card, they are the winner! 

Can you travel over the sides of the goal?


What’s the purpose of the Cow Fence?

It keeps the players who go first from having an unfair advantage and getting easy goals. 

Can you double Poop (that is, can two Poops be stacked on the same square)?

No.  One Poop is enough, don’t you think?  

What happens if you go over multiple poops in one turn?

You take a Poop card for every Poop you go over. 

Can you move inside the goals?

You can only move your Chickapigs into their own goal (the goal they are trying to go through, not defend), but Hay Bales and the Cow may be moved inside any player’s goal as long as every Chickapig on the board still has at least one way to score at all times during the game.

Can a goal be blocked with moves during the middle of a turn as long as at the end of the turn all Chickapigs on the board have a path into the goal?

Yes! The illegal blocking rule is only relevant at the end of a turn.

If you get the Daisy Card that lets you move a Poop and roll again, can you move a Poop that's still under the Cow?

You sure can!