Entertainment Weekly: Introducing a lighthearted, poop-heavy board game backed by Dave Matthews

Though Grammy winner Dave Matthews draws most of his headlines for his work as a musician, his partnership on a new board game is putting a spotlight on his entrepreneurial work. READ MORE


C-ville Magazine Article | Chickapig magnate: People of all ages are flocking to the newest game in town

One night last February, Charlottesville luthier Brian Calhoun and his good friend, musician Dave Matthews, walked into Kardinal Hall with a massive handmade Chickapig board. Calhoun had measured the back of his car and made the board as big as he could while still fitting it into his trunk. They played a few games over beers, and decided to go back the following week, which started a tradition: Chickapig Tuesdays at Kardinal Hall have been a thing ever since. READ MORE

NBC 29 Video: Popular Game Chickapig Being Used in Schools

Published on Apr 2, 2017
Chickapig board game having a positive influence on students at the Virginia Institute of Autism and other area schools.

CBS 19: Locally-made board game Chickapig takes off

Mooooove over Monopoly. There's a new board game in town. It's called Chickapig, and, as the name suggests, it has a farm theme. But it also has plenty of strategy. READ MORE

NBC 29 Video: Dave Matthews Backs Chickapig Board Game

Published on Aug 30, 2016
The founder of Rockbridge Guitars, Brian Calhoun, created a board game called "Chickapig". It's gaining popularity at a Charlottesville bar and getting support from Calhoun's friend and client, Dave Matthews.

The Daily Progress: Pooping cows and 'Chickapigs': Guitar builder raising money to expand his board game's reach

For nearly 15 years, Brian Calhoun has been known as a founder and principal craftsman of custom-made Rockbridge guitars. More recently, the Charlottesville luthier has been linked to a board game that features a pooping cow and a few dozen critters that are a cross between pigs and chickens. The unusual hybrids give the game its name: Chickapig. READ MORE