The Creation of Chickapig

Chickapig has been in my life for years now. 

As a lover of chess, animal hybrids, and poop, Chickapig pretty much sums me up.

Chickapig strategic board game logoThe idea for Chickapig first came to me while I was driving down the road with Ann Marie Calhoun. After visualizing it and making some very rough sketches, I remember cutting out cardboard pieces and moving them around a chessboard, then various paper boards, to determine the right number of squares and pieces.  A few days later, the basics of Chickapig were hatched.

Chickapig became my biggest hobby.  I’d play the game with friends and against myself to figure out any hiccups.  I took our early attempts at the game and became obsessed with improving them.  I spent tremendous amounts of time designing, making, and changing parts, and then even more time making jigs to produce parts better and faster.  There are over 50 individual pieces in the game, and with several different versions of the game in the development process, my brain was basically living inside the world of Chickapig.

I introduced the game to more and more people, and each time I would get very positive feedback and  encouragement.  I started to believe I could bring this  game to a broader audience.  At that time, the friend who had played the game the most was Dave Matthews.  I’d played about a zillion games with Dave and his family, and Chickapig seemed to always pop up in our conversations.  He became more involved with ideas about graphics, rules, and strategy.  While talking over a Guinness in a tiny pub in Dublin in late 2015, we decided to move forward to launch Chickapig together.   We asked our good friends Fenton Williams and Mark Rebein to join us, and the Chickapig business was born.

Dave Matthews and Brian CalhounAt this point, we started thinking about a bigger picture.  Instead of me making cow poop in my basement, we began researching how these parts could be made on a larger scale and how we might enter the world of board games.  We looked at every single component of the game.  Although we were receiving quotes from overseas manufacturers, we felt making as much as possible in America was a better fit for what we hope to accomplish.  Because we're determined to keep Chickapig as close to home as possible, we have been working with several local businesses to identify great new ways to make all the game parts.  We’ve also determined that sometimes you just can’t beat handmade.  For example, for the 2.0 Chickapigs we researched everything from resin molds to plastic injection to 3D printing.  At the end of the day, we decided nothing really compared to the handcrafted pieces.  Currently, we have handmade Chickapigs delivered every week, and I’m proud to say my own mother is our master craftsman of all the 3D cows!  

making the chickapig board gameWe believe in this game and the volume of fun it delivers.  It’s easy to learn, and although the strategies can be complex, it has just enough luck to keep all players competitive. 

We hope to build a community of people who will join us as we take Chickapig from the farm to the table.  We want to introduce it around the world to gamers, families, friends, and everyone else who enjoys a really good poop joke!

-Brian Calhoun, Chickapig Game Creator

making the chickapig board game"It can be funny, silly, and at times really quite brilliant"   - Best Play

"I love Chickapig! It’s engaging, interactive, and has great replay value.  Chickapig is might, might fun!" -Pete Fenlon, CEO Catan Studio

"I cannot recommend Chickapig highly enough" - Coleman Charlton, Managing Editor, Catan Studio