First Edition Chickapig Game
First Edition Chickapig Game First Edition Chickapig Game

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A fun strategy board game with chicken/pig hybrids and a cow that poops terror on the board!

Our high-quality First Edition Chickapig game includes 50 wooden pieces and a quad-fold board that opens up to 18” x 18”. We wanted our First Edition games to have an organic, farm-like feel, so we printed the Chickapigs and Hay Bales on ¼” birch plywood and cut them out with a laser.

The game comes in a burlap bag, which makes it great for travel. We have included an oversized custom die in each game.

Chickapig is made in USA! Wholesale customers click here.

Your First Edition Chickapig Game includes:

  • 1 Burlap Bag
  • 1 Quad-fold Game Board
  • 6 Chickapigs per color
  • 4 Hay Bales per color
  • 1 Cow
  • 1 Cow Fence
  • 8 Cow Poops
  • 9 Poop Cards
  • 9 Daisy Cards
  • 1 Sand Timer
  • 1 Custom Die
  • 1 Rules Booklet

 2 or 4 Players

 Age 7+

 30-60 minutes to play